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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

mehndi and bangals


Khud ko taqseem karoon to kuch bhi na haasil aaye. .
Khuli fiza se tumhe bhi boht lagao hai. . !

Khud ko taqseem karoon, kuch bhi na haasil aaye. .
Khuli fiza se tumhain bhi boht lagao hai. . !

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Desi girl in a pink dress


Anaa parast hai itnaa ke baat se pehle,
Woh uth ke band meri har kitab karde ga,

Main sach kahoon ga per haar jaaon ga,
Woh jhoot boley ga aur la’jawaab karde ga..

Desi Girl Hiba manzoor


Main bimaar-e-mohabbat hoon,
Muje kya gharz hakeemo se,

Agar meri shifaa chaho,
To mera mehboob la do..


Gham’zadon* par is qadar hota hai maazi ka assar,
Shadmaani main bhi aksar muskuraa saktey nahin,

Jis tarah do taalib-o-matloob naraazi ke baad,
Mudatton ik dusrey ke dilon se jaa saktey nahin..


Friday, 8 March 2013

Pakistani Girls


aaj tum kahte ho ki mere jismo jan pe hak tumhara hai
par hum kaise man le ki aap par hak humara hai
kyoki hum jaante hai ki aaj bhi apne
aashiq ki baho mei jane ka sapna tumhara hai

Hiba manzoor is posing for modeling


One day Brain asked Heart,
why r u sending msgs to people, who don’t reply u back?
Lovly Heart replied to Brain,
u need reasons,
I need relations.

Newton's law by Hiba manzoor


Newton’s 1st Law of poondi…

Every poonder continues to do poondi unless or until a thappar or sandal with a velocity of 9.8m/s hit upon his head by a lovely girl…
This force is called be-ezzti, which is directly propotional to sharmindagi..
but Beghairti remains constnt.B-);-)

Hiba Manzoor making a heart from her own hands


Your eyes are soft and tender,
As sweet as they can be,
There is one thing you must remember,
You are the one for me

Hiba Manzoor with her dog


Loveless life is a fruitless tree!
But Friendless life is a rootless tree.
Tree can live without fruit but not without root.
So never lose ur good friends.!

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